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My mission is to help as many people as I can with the 24 hours God has given me.

About Dan

“In order to make change, you have to be intentional.”- Daniel Russell Sr.

Ready to make a change?

Let’s step outside of the box and reimagine your goals to make a difference in the world. From leadership training to motivational speaking, in and out of the boardroom, together we can make that change.

What is it that gets you out of bed? I want to help you discover your it.





About Daniel Russell Sr.

Master Motivator & Vice-President of National Corporate Sales at Trion Solutions

Daniel Russell, Sr. is a nationally recognized public speaker, motivator, influencer, and change-agent. He is an experienced business professional with an extensive background in employee administration and business management. He has also trained and developed business owners and entrepreneurs across all types of business sectors. As a speaker and trainer Dan is well-respected and is known for his success in guiding business owners, entrepreneurs, and young adults with engaging and inspiring content.   

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“Ask yourself…What do I want my legacy to be? How will I be remembered?” -Daniel Russell Sr.

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